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Our Weddings

Thank you for chosing The Densmore Farm as your wedding venue.  This is a private page only for our couples of The Densmore Farm. We hope this page will assist you when planning your wedding.  At anytime you have any questions please let us know. 

Sharon Densmore, Owner                     Audrey Borchers, Wedding Coordinator and Services/Rentals

706.865.3887                                           706.969.8270      


Rules and Regulations: For a copy of the Rules and Regulations please click below.  It is important to make sure your vendors have a copy of the Rules and Regulations Exhibit. 

              Exhibit A - Rules and Regulations



Tables:  The tables included in your venue rental are as follows:   5 - 6 Foot Round (Seat 10 guest), 20 - 5 Foot Round (Seat 8 guest), 2 - 6 Foot Rectangle for your buffet line, 3 farm tables.


Payment Due Dates:      Remaining balance is due 6 months prior to your wedding date. Refundable Damage Deposit of $300 is due 30 days prior to event date.  We will send you a invoice via email.


Revisit:  Each couple gets one scheduled revisit.  This is great to do within 3 months of your wedding date and plan with any vendors that need to visit the venue prior to your wedding.


Services: Please book services as soon as possible and no later than 90 days prior to your wedding date.  To book services please complete the following form: Services Booking Form


Rentals:  Please book rentals as soon as possible and no later than 30 days prior to your wedding date.  To book rentals please complete the following form:  Rentals Booking Form


Layout of the Barn Click Here for a layout of the downstairs of the Barn.



Frequently Asked Questions:


1- How many guest will the Barn accomodate for my wedding?

We have enough tables and chairs for up to 200 guest. 


2- What do you suggest in the event of rain or bad weather?

There are two options - Use the downstairs hallway and set up a few rows for family and allow guest to sit at the tables.  Or for weddings 160 or under use the upstairs of the Barn.


3- Are there local accomodations for my guest to stay near the Barn?

Yes, Please review the vendor link on our website for preferred vendors. 


4- What are the dimensions of the Arbor for the ceremony?

12 foot high, 12 foot wide, 10 foot depth


5- How should we plan to hang decorations?

Please bring zip ties, wire, fishing line or 3M hooks.  No tape, staples, nails, tacks, etc are allowed.


6- May we have a champagne toast and not serve any other alcohol?

No alcohol of any kind is allowed on our premises.


7- May family member make the food for my wedding?

Yes, but they will have to obtain event insurance for serving food and provide a copy to us 1 month prior to your event.


8- Can we have a grill or smoker on the premises?

No, we do not allow any cooking on our property.  Please bring all food prepared to the Farm.  We do have a prep kitchen. 


9- May we use sparklers?

Yes, sparklers are allowed outside of the Barn within 10 feet of the Barn.  Please make sure your guest are away from the Barn and place sparklers in the sand buckets on the outside of the Barn.  No flame fire of any kind is allowed inside or within 10 feet of the Barn.








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